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Executive committee / leadership

Chair: Jim Derwinski, Metra

Vice Chair: Matthew Tucker, NCTD

Secretary/Treasurer: Steven Abrams, SFRTA

Executive Director: KellyAnne Gallagher


John Cline, Cline Strategic Consulting

Kevin Corbett, Executive Director, NJT

Jim Derwinski, CEO/Executive Director, Metra

KellyAnne Gallagher, Executive Director, the Commuter Rail Coalition

Joe Giulietti, Commissioner, Connecticut DOT

Tom Prendergast, former Chairman & CEO, NY MTA

Matthew O. Tucker, Executive Director, NCTD

Pat Warren, former Executive Director, Federal Railroad Administration


(as of 9/12/19)

Connecticut DOT


New Jersey Transit

North County Transit District

Northern Indiana Commuter Transit District






Commercial Insurance Associates

ISC Applied Systems

Quandel Consultants


TY Lin


What is the Commuter Rail Coalition?

The Commuter Rail Coalition is an association representing the interests, needs and benefits of the nation’s commuter railroads, which deliver 490 passenger trips each year. 

The Coalition was formed by industry leaders to engage and educate stakeholders and to advocate for the resources necessary to sustain these vital public assets, which the National Safety Council recognizes as the safest means of transportation.  

Why is a coalition necessary?

To safely and efficiently move the metropolitan regions that they serve, US commuter railroads must have a seat at the table before Congress and federal agencies.

The Commuter Rail Coalition advocates for commuter railroads in the US, calling attention to the many benefits they deliver to their communities. The Coalition further identifies and communicates the resources needed to sustain these vital public assets well into the future. 

With the formation of the Commuter Rail Coalition, US commuter railroads now have a single-minded advocate in Washington, DC, to voice their concerns, needs, and interests – and to advocate on their behalf.

As it works with Congress and the federal sector the Commuter Rail Coalition is the new voice of commuter railroads.